Women Against Violence & Exploitation Foundation (WAVE) is a registered (CAC/IT/NO 90075) non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting opportunities that strengthen women’s right and bridge the inequality gap. Headquartered in Abuja, and branches in Osogbo, Kano, Minna and Lagos, Nigeria, our core value is to empower girls and women mentally, economically, politically and psychologically through education & social advancement initiatives.

We are recognized and acknowledged by relevant Nigerian Government Agencies and other like-minded reputable NGOs worldwide.

An advocacy campaign and goal cannot be won single-handedly. Identifying allies, building support, and collaborating are keys to success. We are advocating for the abandonment of Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting in Nigeria and globally


We envision a society in which women’s contribution to all aspects of life is recognised, rewarded and celebrated – in leadership, in care and in production; all women have freedom of choice, self-confidence, and freedom from exploitation; and no woman has been left behind.


We represent an inclusive, confident, loud, independent feminist voice and bring real women’s voices into the arena. We build consensus and mobilise our members’ collective experience to work on major issues affecting women. We provide counseling, support and advocacy and work for girl’s and women’s rights through meaningful community projects that promote justice, peace and equal rights for all.

Our Desire

Our goal at Wave Foundation is to provide care and palliatives that will cover restorative surgery, counseling, legal services, recovery cafe & psycho- social support for at risk girls and survivors. We serve as Implementing Partner for several organisations and government agencies for effective community engagement.

Wave Foundation support will cover these services;

  • Restorative surgery
  • Counseling,
  • Prevention & support for at risk girls and survivors
  • Medications
  • Advocacy
  • Pro-bono legal services
  • Community centre

Aims and Objectives

Addressing the root causes of FGM at the community level, including gender stereotypes, gender inequality, unequal power relations, and negative social norms

Advocacy and community based action to end FGM.

Protection and rehabilitation
of survivors and at risk girls and women

Freedom from violence, stigma and stereotypes

Poverty eradication, social protection and social services

Inclusive development, shared prosperity and decent work

Peaceful and inclusive societies

Participation, accountability and gender-responsive institutions.